Course Structure

English is the primary language of the program, for both learning activities and student assignments. Graduate students from all over the world are admitted to the courses, thus providing a cross-cultural environment and broadening the international experience.

MPGI has two tracks:

1.     Intensive: In this track, the student studies six months on FGV, six months in one of the other 29 universities linked to CEMS (5th best international master’s degree according to the Financial Times Ranking) and has another six months to finish the master thesis. After completing the program, the student gets a Master’s Degree from FGV/EAESP and the CEMS certification.

2.     Regular: In this track, the student stays studies one year at FGV/EAESP and one year in one of the partner universities.On the Regular track, the student  may choose to receive a Double Degree with one of the seven partner institutions, besides CEMS, and spend a full year abroad. Upon choosing the CEMS program, the student may opt to study in one or two of the 29 partner institutions.

For both of the tracks, the student must attend a minimum of 384 class hours. For the Regular track, depending on the partner institution, the student must attend more hours.

In both tracks, the student must attend three mandatory courses (Applied Research Methodology, Strategy in an International Management and Global Management Practice) and at least 13 elective courses.

The classes, in Brazil, take place from Monday to Friday, in the morning or in the evening (from 9:00 to 12:00; 13:00 to 16:00; 16:00 to 19:00 and 19:00 to 22:00). The student’s schedule will depend on the number of coursesto be taken in each semester. However, for the Intensive track, the students take, in general, 5 courses simultaneously, choosing them according to their interests and schedules.

In both tracks, the student must develop and present a master thesis. The master thesis may be a dissertation, a consulting project, a case study or a case of education. We give priority to thesis with applicability in the business world.